The precision medicine dream is sharply crystalizing into focus, with biomarker-based drug approvals and the connection of a diagnostic commercial roadmap setting the industry up to massively deliver value to the people who need it most: patients.

We’ve build a dedicated and loyal “CDx Family” over the years by striving to go the extra mile in the pursuit of delivering value to our clients and the community. From educational insight to game-changing connections and being the breeding ground for deals and collaborations, we thrive on making the precision medicine industry tick.

Here are our 6 pillars of commitment to you:

We care. About the science, the patients, the community and its people. Passion and dedication fuels our operation.

You’re not another number and your needs aren’t all the same. Our bespoke and personal offerings are tailored to your objectives, blind spots and specific requirements. We can’t deliver outcomes if we aren’t solving your specific problems.

You become one of us. Our community is a decade strong, tight-knit and exclusive. It runs deeps and consists of those spearheading progress and change. By working with us, you aren’t only tapping into our resources but the resources of an entire community.

No vested interest, no bias, no stake. We operate at the intersection of the industry as a neutral platform. This means we understand what the industry truly wants and with no loaded agendas, can build the trust required to provide meaningful advice and direction.

We’ve build and sold businesses, worked at the cutting-edge of scientific research and performed in boy bands. Our stories run deeper than our work, as do yours. Our personality, honesty and respect is key to understanding our partners, their needs and their objectives, and underpins how we work.

Answers and action.
Whether it’s what you want to hear or what you don’t, we’ll tell you. The work we do may raise further questions but we’ll always give you answers and insight to shape your next actions.