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A Look at the Future of Blood-Based Companion Diagnostics: Rapid Development of PMA-Ready Clinical Assays

Liquid biopsies are flooding into the mainstream, as the promises of non-invasive testing, real-time longitudinal monitoring and the utility of predictive circulating biomarkers begin to mature. However, the path to powerful precision medicine tools is not without its pitfalls: How do we validate assays? What does the CDx route for a liquid biopsy look like? What is the commercial model needed to ensure adoption and impact in everyday healthcare?

This webinar explored and evaluate key challenges with bringing a liquid biopsy from concept to commercialization.

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Linking CDx Strategy to Commercial Success

Commercial considerations are being thought about earlier and earlier in drug-Dx development, as the implications of platform selection and diagnostic strategy in clinical development reach far beyond the trial setting. Critical questions such as “who is going to have access?”, “what is our distribution model?” and “how do we streamline testing in the real world setting?” are of paramount importance.

This webinar tackled diagnostic development and commercialization, presenting invaluable insight into the commercial considerations for drug-CDx combinations.

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Applied Machine Learning in the Development of Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics: A Case Study

Robust diagnostic stratification of populations is critical for the establishment of patient responders for immuno-oncology, particularly as a shift to combinatorial approaches adds complexity to clinical success. Machine learning has been touted to revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D and precision medicine, and offers a value avenue for overcoming challenges in the development of next generation diagnostics.

This webinar explored the role proteomics and machine learning has to play in advancing the future development of biomarker assays in immuno-oncology.

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Microfluidic Cell Tethering Enables Rapid Analysis of Drug Responses in Live Patient CTCs

This webinar explored the current limits of clinical imaging that shape our understanding of cancer recurrence, explore microtentacle cytoskeletal behavior in circulating tumor cells and showcase a case study on the rapid analysis of tethered patient tumor cells to potentially predict outcome and drug response.

What does European Precision Medicine look like and how does it compare to the US?

This tailored mastermind was curated to assess the European appetite for precision medicine. From analyzing adaptive clinical trial designs, new technologies bridging future innovations and the specific reimbursement landscape in Europe, this one-day session brought together Europe’s most prominent precision medicine leaders to actionably overcome the R&D and commercial bottlenecks in order to deliver the best treatments to patients.

Lowering the Barriers for Practical Implementation of High Precision Medicine

This webinar discussed the most pressing challenges around making personalized medicine easy, optimizing access of all patients to personalized cancer therapy and an in depth look at liquid biopsy for diagnosis and treatment monitoring of metastatic colon cancer and melanoma patients.

Precision Medicine for Cancer- Circulating Tumor Cells: Detection, Molecular Single Cell Characterization & Clinical Application

This webinar introduced challenges as well as pros and cons of different strategies for CTC detection. It will additionally explore the clinical impact of the CTCs including their molecular characterization at a single cell level (DNA/RNA). Furthermore, in this webinar, you’ll see examples of how blood-based biomarkers (CTCs or ctDNA) could be implemented into the clinics to function as liquid biopsy guiding the treatment of individual cancer patients