Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Circulating Tumor Cells – The Potential for Real Life Monitoring of Response

Wednesday 11 December | 10AM EST / 3PM GMT / 4PM CET

Join this webinar for a clinician’s perspective on the clinical utility of improved CTC detection and analysis. Dr. Melanie Janning of Hamburg University will share her insight on the potential of technologies with enhanced sensitivity & selectivity capabilities to guide treatment strategies and reveal novel predictive biomarkers.

Monitoring patient treatment response via tissue analysis requires invasive surgical procedures, with this mode of tumor characterization often falling short of capturing the complete mutagenic profile. In lieu of this method, blood-based sampling and analysis present as a more patient centric approach to characterizing and longitudinally monitoring tumor heterogeneity.

Analysis of CTCs harvested via liquid biopsy can provide a systemic representation of tumor genetic diversity and real time monitoring of genetic alternations. A more targeted, personalized, approach to treatment can be seen by patients when there is a greater understanding of the molecular drivers underpinning disease progression.

In this webinar we will begin to unravel the information CTCs may yield for the detection of novel biomarkers for improving stratification in the clinic, overall lowering your clinical development costs and improving patient standard of care.